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JHB&A: partnership with our customers.

 Technology Infrastructure Management
TIMS is a new, revolutionary approach to providing end-to-end management for your complete small-business technology infrastructure. Our entry-level TIMS requires no up-front investment and costs  less than one hundred dollars per month. If you would like to hear more about our Technology Infrastructure Management Services (TIMS) or any of the other services that we offer, please call 623-979-1827, or click here to request a free, no-obligation quote.

Our Company

JHB&A is a family-owned, Arizona corporation specializing in proJHB&A: "In Business Since 1997!"viding a wide-range of technology infrastructure management services to small businesses. It has been in business since 1997, and is located in Peoria, AZ. The principal owners of the corporation are James and Sue Barnes, and they are committed to providing the highest quality IT services at the lowest possible prices. James is one of the industry's leading experts in networking architecture and protocols with more than thirty years of experience designing, implementing, and supporting technology infrastructures. During the past two years, James has invested countless hours, days, and months learning the Internet from an internal, architectural prospective, and has used this expertise to design and develop "the industry's first small-business technology infrastructure management console. This remote console, which is referred to as TIMC. Prior to starting JHB&A, James was employed at the American Express Company as a VP-level consultant in their global information technology department. He holds the MCSE, MCP and MCP+I certifications, and the company has been a Member of the Microsoft® Registered Partner Network since 2004. JHB&A also has partnership affiliations with Cisco, Netgear and the Intel.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to become valued-partner to our small-business customers, and to become their single-source provider of Technology Infrastructure Management Services, helping them become MORE Efficient, More Productive, and most importantly; More Profitable.

Our Values

Our values include honesty, integrity, professionalism, trust, and confidentiality. These score values are the foundation of our company and will not be compromised for any reason. They define all interactions between JHB&A and its customers. These values are also the basis by which we establish true, long-term "business-partner relationships" with our customers. Our values are defined as follows:

1.Honesty Ë— Be fair, truthful & ethical to our customers and prospective customers.

2.Integrity Ë— Adhere to high moral principles & professional standards.

3.Professionalism Ë— Demonstrate the skills, competence & character expected by our customers and prospective customers.

Trust Ë— Create and nurture a mutual, handshake-level trust relationship with our customers. It is important that we first trust them, and then after we have proven ourselves, they will start to trust us.

Confidentiality Ë— Frequently, our customers will disclose their business plans, network infrastructure, customers information, and other important (and sometimes confidential) information to us. We promise to keep this information confidential, and will not disclose or share this information without the written approval of the customer.

All JHB&A Products & Services Are Unconditionally  Guaranteed!

If a customer is ever dissatisfied with any of our technology infrastructure management services; we will either correct the problem to their complete satisfaction, or will gladly refund all payment that have made for the specified services.  (Call (623) 979-1827 or (602) 478-4778 for an even faster response.)

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