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Technology Infrastructure Management Implementations

Entry-Level TIMC Implementation
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Figure 3
Basic-Level TIMC Implementation
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Figure 4
Outsourcing-Level TIMS
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Figure 5
Technology Infrastructure Management as a Service (TIMaaS)
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Technology Infrastructure Management Console (TIMC)

TIMC is the center-piece of the TIMS Architecture. It requires no new hardware or software at the customer's premise, with the single exception that the customer must already have a TIMS-compliant small-business WAN router with integrated VPN and firewall*. The TIMC is designed to leverage existing networking components and devices, including routers, switches, wireless access points, and End-Point Networking (EPN) devices such as PCs, MACs, iPads, tablets, and smartphones. Remote management capabilities were designed into these devices to enable the manufacturer's support technicians, and IT network engineers to trouble-shoot problems without visiting the site where the hardware was installed. These remote management tools enables us to:
  • Proactively monitor speeds, bottlenecks, and error rates on ISP routers, cloud-computing applications, DNS servers, DSL/cable modems, and all other components of your technology infrastructure. Performance and availability statistics enable us to manage your technology infrastructure on a continuous, 24/7 basis, including creating online statistical reports that include speeds, bandwidth, latency, jitter, and ping statistics.

  • Monitor the operational state of major LAN components including routers, switches, WAPs, and EPN devices.

  • Manage Secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) channels for:

    • Branch Offices - located in the same metropolitan area, or in remote locations thousands of miles away.

    • Client VPN Access - for Work-from-home, telecommuting, traveling employees, and secure BYOD accessibility.

    • Gateway VPN access - for Branch locations and CSPs that require secure gateway-to-gateway channels.

  • Provide user help desk and Single-Point-of-Contact (SPoC) for all ISP, Global Internet WAN, and LAN problems.

  • Archive all captured performance and availability statistics for long-term to audit ISP and CSP Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees, and develop fault-trending analysis reports.

Managing a Cloud-Ready Small-Business Technology Infrastructure

Our cloud-ready small-business technology infrastructure includes the IT components already installed in most small businesses! The only essential component required by TIMC is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) client such as the one already included with virtually all small-business WAN routers. (Other VPN client implementations may also work, but additional testing will be required to ensure that it is compatible with the VPN support included in the TIMC server.) The importance of this VPN client cannot be overemphasized because it enables TIMC to continuously monitor your technology infrastructure 24/7 without on-site assistance, and without installing any new network management hardware or software at your facility. The following diagram is a conceptual depiction of a TMC-managed small-business technology infrastructure:

Technology Infrastructure Management Console (TIMS) Server

 Figure 2.

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Try TIMS at Absolutely No-Risk! 

Unlike the expensive network management systems that have been available from other vendors in the past, TIMS is a robust, cost-effective management remote solution that can be implemented in five days or less, and requires no up-front investment of any type. Additionally, the entry-level TIMS implementation cost less than one hundred dollars per month, and is absolutely free for the first thirty days. If any of our TIMS implementations are unacceptable, we will restore your network to its original state, at no cost to you or your company.

Please contact us at 602-478-* 4778 or 623-979-1827. You can also reach us via Email at info@jhbarnes.com.

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