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Description The Local Area Network (LAN) component includes all hardware, software, and network systems required to support the network connectivity requirement of the small business.
Local Area Network (LAN) Components

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H/W Components LAN hardware include multi-WAN routers, Ethernet switches, Wireless Access Points (WAPs), and wireless routers.
TIMC Monitoring The Multi-WAN VPN Router also supports both SysLog and SNMP. This router continuously sends performance, problem, and security log information to the SysLog and SNMP applications running on the TIMC.
TIMC Remote (or Local) Management All LAN hardware components include includes an network administrator interface that enables these components to managed via a standard web connections. Each component is assigned a unique local IP address and this enables these devices to be managed by the TIMC server.
Performance Reports LAN availability reports are created weekly, quarterly, annually, and on-demand.
Problem Reports Copies of all LAN-related trouble-tickets are sent to customers daily. Closed trouble-tickets are sent to customer as soon as problem is resolved.
Archived Statistics and Problem Reports All LAN-related performance statistics and problem reports are archived on SQL database and are available online at any time.

"The LAN is the Central Nervous System for Your Business!"Local Area Network (LAN) Services

We will design and assist in the implementation of a robust, scalable, and secure Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure that enables local and remote employees to seamlessly access cloud-based and web-based applications. In many instances, your new LAN will be composed of the many of the existing hardware components already installed in your company. However, these components will be re-configured and optimized to interoperate with the remaining components of your new LAN infrastructure. The WAN connection is the most vulnerable failure point in this type technology infrastructure, and to mitigate this vulnerability, we will recommend the purchase of a new, state-of-art router that includes multiple high-speed Wide Area Network (WAN) connections. The LAN also includes:

  • Wireless and Edge Routers

  •  Gigabit-Speed Ethernet Switches

  •  Wireless Access Points (WAPs)

  • External Network Adapters

  • Optional Wireless Routers

LAN devices such as those listed above, contain remote management interfaces that enable them to be managed by our TIMC management platform. If you need more information regarding the LAN components described above, call us at (602) 478-4778 or (623) 979-1827.

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